Magnus Nørgaard

Until recently I was Assistant Research Professor on a joint research project between the Department of Mathematical Modelling (IMM) and the Department of Automation (IAU), Technical University of Denmark. The objective of the project was to explore the use of Kalman filters and related nonlinear state estimators in multi-sensor data fusion applications. The techniques I developed in the project were tested on an autonomous guided vehicle (AGV). As case studies we considered the pose estimation problem and calibration of various parameters in the vehicle and sensor models. The project was funded through a grant from the Danish Technical Research Council (STVF).

I have now sold my soul to the private industry, where I am developing advanced signal processing algorithms for the Danish hearing aid manufacturer Widex.

Brief Resume

How to reach me

My address at Widex is:
Magnus Nørgaard,
Widex A/S,
Ny Vestergaardsvej 25,
DK-3500 Værløse,
Phone (direct).......... +45 44 35 57 88
Fax:.................... +45 44 35 56 07

Links to things I have been involved in

Event-based Kalman filtering project - This page contains information about various issues related to the project along with software and technical reports. This might be a page worth visiting if you are interested in: Modelling, sensor analysis, simulation, or control of autonomous vehicles; pose estimation using artificial guide marks; state estimation for nonlinear systems.
Kalman filter software - I have implemented a MATLAB toolbox for design of Kalman filters for nonlinear systems. In particular you will find implementations of a new (and clever!) filter that performs very well and is easy to use (compared to, e.g., the extended Kalman filter).
Neural network software - I have implemented two MATLAB toolsets, which I provide for free. One is the NNSYSID Toolbox for system identification with neural networks. The other one is called the NNCTRL Toolkit and is an add-on for design and simulation of neural network based control systems. Join the thousands of users!
Book - Official home page for my first (and probably also last!) book: Neural Networks for Modelling and Control of Dynamic Systems. I have rewritten my Ph.D. thesis in the naive hope that I could make a fortune on this. Big mistake. Regardless of its riveting presentation of neural network modelling and almost breathtaking discussion of control designs, it is probably a little out of sync with the mass market :-) Well, given the size of the market for this kind of books it actually sells quite well. In fact, it looks like the first printing will soon be sold out, so HURRY, WHILE STOCKS LAST! (or wait for the second printing).
Publications - List of (most of) my publications.
DTU-RoboCup - A DTU competition for autonomous robotic vehicles, which I co-invented with Lars Henriksen. After having been invited to the morning talkshow "Godmorgen Danmark" hosted by Michael Meyerheim, I felt my ambitions had been fulfilled and thus I'm no longer involved in the organization of the competition.
FEDEST - The association of extremely dedicated worshippers of Onsdagssnegle (some serious Danish gourmet shit). I used to top the club chart, but now I'm on a diet.

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