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Ørsted •DTU, Automation


The purpose of the competition is to introduce students to hands-on engineering which inspires to analysis and solving of actual problems but also to contribute to the atmosphere at the university through the entertaining values. We hope that the participants will experience inter-disciplinary activity as the construction of the vehicles take them through areas like mechanical design, analog electronics, digital electronics, data processing, instrumentation and automation. The competition was first held in 1997 with great success and has now become an annual event. It is our intention to have participants with different backgrounds — it is not only for electrical engineers — which we try to recognize with prizes for other qualities than the ability to race the course.

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The competition is open to all from or outside of the university. A person is only allowed to compete for one team but a team may exist of one or more persons. 


The competition will take place during the spring term, not too close to the examinations and is scheduled for

                                Wednesday 2 May 2001 at 11.00 am

A training round with optional participation is scheduled for

                                  Monday 30 April 2001 at 13.00

The competition takes place in building 101, DTU.


Teams wanting to participate must register before April 10, 2000 at noon. As we are interested in knowing the estimated number of teams as soon as possible we encourage those considering participating to pre-register. This is of course without any obligations of later participation but allows us to organize easier and to send emails with relevant information about the competition.

Notice: The RoboCup organization has a large number of LEGO TECHNIC sets available to interested teams. By depositing DKr. 500 it is possible to borrow gears, wheels, bricks, motors on a 'first come-first serve' condition.


This years competition has yet again great cash prizes to win. New in this year's competition: there will be a cash prize of DKr. 50 per passed gate. The prize pool is limited by a total of DKr. 10.000.

The prizes for the main competition are (DKK = Danish Kroners):

     1. prize: DKK 4,000
     2. prize: DKK 2,000
     3. prize: DKK 1,000
     Best DTU vehicle: DKK 1,000
     Best design/effects: DKK 1,000
     Judges choice/best fighter: DKK 1,000

The prizes for the training round are:

     1. prize: DKK 1,000
     2. prize: DKK 500
     3. prize: DKK 250

Note: No gate-prizes in the training round.


The course will be placed at DTU's main entrance A, building 101. The track is a 38 mm wide white stripe which the vehicles has to navigate after. Along the course a number of gates are placed and for each gate passed successfully one point is credited. The vehicle with most points wins the competition. In case of a draw the shortest time spent determines the ranking. 

The course has challenges of varying levels of difficulty with the most challenging made optional such that a vehicle can pursue an easier and more safe path but less point giving. By keeping to the right at places where the course forks into two the optional challenges are avoided. Be careful not to overestimate the performance of your vehicle: safety comes first. And make the right decisions. 

The race course for the 2001 Competition (Sorry for the Danish wordings):

Challenges on the course:

  • White curving stripe to follow
  • Gates to pass: approx. 45 cm wide and 50 cm high.
  • Uneven floor with joints between tiles
  • Sinus curves with increasing frequency.
  • Guillotine blocking the course if a vehicle moves with a velocity of less than 0.25 m/s.
  • Optional 90 degrees turn.     
  • Optional path where the color of the stripe changes from white to black     
  • Optional path without any stripe
  • Optional wall which the vehicle must follow. There will be no stripe along the wall and the run is stopped if the wall is knocked over.
  • Door mat made of rubber with a different texture and color.
  • Outdoor racing: disturbing day light.
  • Ramp (downhill)
  • Optional stair case (down)
  • Circles before the finish. Different paths are possible.
  • Alarm to sound at the finish. A modest pressure will set of an alarm and a flashing signal marking a happy end!

Besides the optional 90 degrees turn the minimum turn radius will be 0.5 m measured from the middle of the stripe.


Notice: These rules are a translation of the according Danish rules and may not be correct. Therefore use this with caution and in case of misunderstandings or misinterpretations the Danish version of the rules is the one to be followed.

  1. The vehicles must be self-contained. After starting a run no interaction or communication between any participants and the vehicle are allowed. The run will be terminated if a vehicle leaves the marked race area or if a person is in contact with the vehicle.
  2. The first gate is the guillotine and the vehicle has to pass this gate in order to proceed. An average speed of 0.25 m/s is required.
  3. If a vehicle does not seem to make progress for some time the judges can terminate the run.
  4. In order to allow for a smooth and attractive competition teams may be disqualified if not ready when called to the starting line.
  5. Neither the surroundings or the course must be altered to make the race easier.
  6. A vehicle may use sensors, computers, control systems, motors, energy sources or energy receptors. There are no restrictions on size and weight except
    the ability to pass the gates.
  7. Points are credited for each unique gate passed by a vehicle. In case of multiple passes only one point is given. The finish counts two points. In case of a draw the shortest time will determine the ranking.
  8. Approximately, two hours before the competition the course will be closed for all vehicles. During these two hours gates and forks may be moved. This should prevent teams from manually coding the exact extent of the course.
  9. No parts from a vehicle (including software) may be reused on any other participating vehicle, just as no persons can participate for more than one team.

Important: Any matter of dispute is determined by the organizers and the judges.

Previous results


The RoboCup has kindly been sponsored by:

Press coverage at RoboCup 2000

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  • TV/Danmark 2
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